Terms and conditions

Dear visitor!
Please read our terms and conditions carefully:

Dear visitor, you may be late for the lesson no more than 15 minutes.
If you are late more than 15 minutes, this time will be deducted from your 1.5 hour lesson, regardless of your warning.
If you do not come to the lesson, money refund is not provided by our rules.

1. After sending us your request of participation the confirmation of your payment should be sent to us within 24 hours, otherwise your application will not be credited.
2. A participation request for big groups (6 and more persons) should be sent to us not later than 48 hours before the date.
3. If you need to reschedule your lesson, the request has to be sent to us not later than 24 hours before the date. The studio does not refund the amount paid, however, if your request was received earlier than 24 hours before the date, we can reschedule the services to another day or hour.
5. All pre-purchased subscriptions like gift cards and romantic lessons are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled in case the classes did not take place due to your fault.

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Terracotta Studio