Welcome to Terracotta Studio  

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 About us  

Terracotta art studio began in 2010. We are located right in the center of the city of Yerevan. We offer arts and crafts education for people of all ages from 3 and above in painting, ceramics and sewing. You can join us for master classes in pottery and ceramics techniques, painting, making traditional Armenian dolls and many others. But the Terracotta studio is more than simply an education facility or a place for spending time ― we are trying to pass to our visitors the love of arts, we introduce them to all kinds of materials and techniques, and together we even invent new things. We organize exhibitions of contemporary arts and crafts and accomplish many interesting projects activities. In our studio adults and children have a good opportunity to get acquainted with clay, textiles, paints and many other materials.

Being inspired by the finished works of our masters, they eventually create their own unique masterpieces.
«How can I do this if I have never been engaged with art?» - perhaps you will ask. Or maybe:
«I have no imagination to come up with something worthwhile ...»
Do not worry! There is nothing impossible in the Terracotta studio: if you have a wish, it will be materialized and crowned by your own art article. And if you love creating new things, then you should join us.

Already interested? Contact us, you are always welcome!

 Our team  

Nana Manucharyan

Director and Lead Master

Elena Mirzoyan

Garment Fashion Master
(dress-making classes)

Alyona Avtalyan

Ceramics Master
(master classes instructor)

Liana Khachatryan

Artist, teacher

Ariadna Ter-Khazaryan

Teacher, art therapist

 Our works  

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Purchase an exclusive souvenir, a festive handmade dress or jewelry

If you like the handicrafts of our gallery, please contact us

Studio tour

 Master classes  

Armenian salt cellars

Armenian traditional salt cellars making master class offers both adults and children the opportunity to work with clay, to get inspired by our masters' works and understand basic techniques. Then they will create their own unuque salt cellar. The salt cellar represented by Armenian women in traditional clothing is an unforgettable gift made with their own hands. After the master class the salt cellars will be fired and passed to the participants in 2-4 days.

Master class' duration is 60-90 minutes

Nuri dolls

This master class will be interesting for those who want to feel the spirit of Armenian culture. You will hear legends and stories about Nuri doll, which means «Bride of rain». In ancient times armenians used it in drought days for rainmaking. The doll is both a toy and a hearth keeper. Let's start working to armenian music with our doll masters. They will help you creating your unique doll, which you can take with you right after the master class.

Master class' duration is 45-90 minutes

«Tarosiks» ― small keepsakes

This is a ceramics master class. You will be making small traditional keepsakes. In our country it is common to give such small gifts on special days. For example, on a wedding party the groom and the bride hand the guests such little gifts. It could be doves, clay houses, hearts and other small things tied with candies. That way they express their love and «pass a turn» to engage to their unmarried friends. During this master class you will make such small gifts from clay, ribbons and curtain lace. We'll candies in small sacks, and you can take your handmade «Tarosiks» in a couple of days. They will be bright and sweet memories of sunny Armenia.

Master class' duration is 45-90 minutes

Clay and pottery

During this master class you will get familiar with the workshop and meet the craftsman who will narrate about Armenian traditions and techiques in ceramics. The craftsman will demonstrate and explain the potter's wheel work, and you can make a vase, jug, cup or a plate by your hands. Then you will get some clay you can feel and knead, and even sculpture small things and figurines.

Master class' duration is 45-90 minutes

Ceramic Jewelry

This is a ceramics master class. You will be making ceramic pendants which you can wear yourself or give your mom, wife or girlfriend. Those pendants' styles are based on traditional Armenian patterns and forms. We will be using colored clay, and decorate them with stained glass. After finishing your work, in just 2 or 3 days you will get your masterpieces in beautiful packs.

Master class' duration is 45-60 min

 Our guests  




 Decorative and applied gear  

 Children's works  

 Wall art  



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 Contact us  

Our addresses

62 Teryan street, Yerevan, RA
23 Saryan street, Yerevan, RA